South Dakota Employee/Manager Self Service
HR Portal Login

  • Your USER ID is your 6 digit employee number.  If you don't know your employee number, look on your e-Stub or contact your personnel representative.
  • The intial password is set to an 8 digit number comprised of the last 4 of your SSN plus MM and DD of birth. Please try that before requesting a password reset.
  • If you have changed your password and have forgotten it, send an email to and provide your name and employee number.  Please try your default password first.
  • You are responsible for changing your password to whatever you would like once you log into the system by clicking on the "preferences" icon in the upper right corner (white rectangle with two checkmarks on it) or by selecting "Change Password" from the common tasks on the main screen.
  • If you are a very recent new hire, keep in mind it may take a few days for your information to be loaded into the payroll/human resources system before you can log in here.