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What is a Payroll Card?

A payroll card is a "stored value debit card", which is "reloaded" every pay day or at other times through an ACH direct deposit transaction.  It is not a credit card, and you may not spend or withdraw more than the amount available on the card.  It does not extend credit to individuals, it works like a debit card.  It does not require a credit check for enrollment, which means that ALL state employees may use one.

How do I know how much is deposited on my card?

You choose the amount to be deposited, and can change that as you would any other fixed direct deposit amount from the Employee / Manager Self Service web site.  You will still receive a pay stub on which the amount loaded onto your payroll card will be listed.  If you have a state email address, this pay stub will be in electronic form.  If you do not have a state (work) email address, you may receive a printed pay stub, and you may always view all of your stubs on the self service website.

Are there any fees associated with this card?

There are no fees charged to you for using the card to purchase things and no monthly maintenance fee for having a card.  If you lose your card and need to be issued a replacement, there is a $5.95 fee.

The owner of the ATM may impose a surcharge on the use of the ATM.  These fees are usually listed on the outside of the ATM and always displayed before you finish your transaction on the ATM screen.

See "How do I use my card with a bank teller?" for an alternative.

How do I use my card with a bank teller?

Simply go inside and give the teller your card, and say you want a certain amount of cash.  To the bank, using your payroll card in this manner is exactly the same as if you were getting a cash-advance on an actual credit card.  They will run your card through the normal authorization procedures, and have you sign an authorization slip.  They may also ask for identification, just as if you were cashing a check. 

Most banks will provide this service free of charge.  Even if you bank at a credit union (frequently they don't accept MasterCard) or have no bank at all, you can go into any full service bank and withdraw the funds from your card in this manner.

Is there a fee for using this card to purchase goods at a store?

No.  These transactions are called Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions.  If you are using your payroll card to purchase something, there is no fee associated with it.  It will work just like any other MasterCard, except that it is paying the bill from the amount stored on your card, not using credit.

What are ATM surcharge fees?

The owner of an ATM frequently charges a surcharge to use a card issued by somebody else.  These fees vary, depending on the bank that owns the machine.

Will my card work at any ATM?

Your card will work at any ATM that accepts MasterCard or Cirrus (however different banks may impose different ATM surcharge fees).

Why won't my card work at pay-at-the-pump gas stations?

Pay-at-the-pump transactions are "open ended" transactions.  This means that the final amount that the merchant will charge is unknown at the time that the card is accepted.  There is no way for the merchant to know how much gas you will buy beforehand, so these types of transactions are blocked to prevent you from overdrawing your card.  You may still use the card to purchase gas, you'll just have to go inside to pay for it after the final amount is known.  This is no different than if you were writing a check.

What should I do if I lose my card?

Call the customer service number at 1-800-845-4889 immediately.

Can I use my card for automatic bill-payments?

Yes, for most.  You can use it to pay any one-time bills that the merchant issuing the bill allows (many merchants now provide a way to pay your bills with a credit card).  Please check the cardholder agreement for information on preauthorized transfers.

Where can I use my card?

You may use your card anywhere a MasterCard debit card is accepted.