Vendor Self Service
ACH Vendor Authorization


Complete the state's Substitute W-9, making sure to fill out the Direct Deposit information at the bottom.

Print the form, complete and sign it, and deliver it to the state agency that you are paid by.

What are some advantages of electronic payments?

Convenience is the most obvious benefit, however, added interest earnings, safety and confidentiality are additional advantages.  Electronic payments, or Direct Deposits, are the safest way to get your money into your accounts without having to worry about lost, stolen or damaged checks.

How can I find out when payments have been made?

When you sign up for direct deposit of your payments, be sure to select a PIN and you will be able to use it in conjunction with your EIN to view your information from our Accounts Payable system, and provide a valid email address if you would like us to send you notifications that way.

How long does it take to start receiving electronic payments?

After we update a vendor for ACH payments, they are in prenote status for fifteen days. During this time, a prenote (zero amount) transaction is sent to the vendor's bank. This is done to verify account number, bank routing id, etc., and make any necessary changes. Invoices entered during prenote status will be paid by warrant. After the fifteen days, a vendor would begin receiving electronic payments.

When are ACH payments deposited?

ACH payments generally update your account two business days after the payment is written. For example, you can expect a payment written on Wednesday to update your account on Friday. You can expect a payment written on Friday to update your account on the following Tuesday. Allow additional days for holidays.