About Us

The Bureau of Finance and Management is one of the smallest agencies in South Dakota state government, but it has varied and wide-ranging responsibilities. BFM has statutory responsibility for recommending a state budget to the Governor and carrying out their annual fiscal plan; preparing the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report; promoting the efficient and effective management of state government; providing administrative support to the State Board of Internal Control; and managing the state's financial systems. In addition, the BFM handles setting of internal service rates, accounting, and budgeting for all four of the bureaus that comprise the Department of Executive Management.

The bureau has five main functional areas:

Budget Analysis This is the Governor's Budget Office. It assists agencies in all matters relating to the state budget, from the request process through managing the actual expenditures against the legislative appropriation. The budget analysts in this group make recommendations to the Governor for their annual budget proposal and advocate for the Governor on fiscal legislation. Follow this link for a list of budget analyst agency assignments.
Executive Management Finance Office The EMFO performs all of the day-to-day financial functions for the internal service bureaus in state government (Finance and Management, Administration, Information and Telecommunications, and Personnel.) This office performs cost accounting, sets rates, prepares and negotiates the Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP), develops budgets and handles the day-to-day billing and accounting functions of all four bureaus.
Financial Systems and Operations This office manages the state's centralized financial systems; overseeing the development, maintenance, security and daily operation of such resources as accounts payable, general ledger, financial controller, budgetary controller, fixed assets, inventory, budget, and payroll/HRIS.
Accounting Analysis and Financial Reporting This office performs the accounting analysis and financial reporting for the State of South Dakota. The staff works with assigned agencies to perform SEFA reporting; to document and develop internal controls; to compile financial statements; and to produce the state's Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR).
Internal Control This office advises the State Board of Internal Control (SBIC) which was created during the 2016 session in SDCL 1-56 on matters relating to internal control. The office also serves as the main point of contact between the BFM, the agencies of state government, and the SBIC. Other responsibilities include: reviewing, researching, interpreting, and advising all state agencies on internal control, and creating a state internal control framework.