The mission of the Bureau of Finance and Management includes advising the Governor on overall fiscal policy; completing and presenting the annual fiscal plan; promoting the efficient and effective management of the state of South Dakota; preparing the state's annual financial report; and, managing the central accounting and payroll systems for the state.

What's New

Friday, February 27, 2015

The FY2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report presents the sound financial condition of South Dakota. This report is prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and includes all agencies of state government and reporting entities for which the state has oversight responsibilities.

During the first week of the 2015 session, BFM will deliver several briefings to the Joint Committeee on Appropriations.

  • Recommended Revisions to the FY2015 Budget
  • Overview of the entire FY2016 Recommended Budget
  • Introduction to the SD Long Term Financial Plan
  • Presentation on Salary Policy Calculation and Distribution

  • On Tuesday, December 2nd, Governor Daugaard presented his Recommended Budget for FY2016, remaining committed to fiscal responsibility and conservative management principles. Complete details, along with the slide presentation from the Budget Address are available for review.
  • Following the Oct. 28 meeting of the Governor's Council of Economic Advisors, Governor Daugaard released the presentation made on The State of the SD Economy.
  • The state general fund budget for FY2014 ended with both higher revenues and lower expenditures than budgeted. Governor Daugaard's press release provides more details, and here are some slides from BFM on the fiscal year-end numbers. (July 10, 2014)
  • An executive order issued by Governor Daugaard requires the Bureau of Finance and Management to provide long-term financial plans and debt service policies to him by January 10 of each year. These documents will be completed prior to the legislature's annual budget deliberations. You can read the Executive Order here.

Jason C. Dilges

SD Chief Financial Officer
and BFM Commissioner