Mission Statement

  • To manage and coordinate the statutory functions of the Bureau of Finance and Management as they relate to serving as a liaison with the public and other governmental agencies of executive branch fiscal policy.
  • To advise the Governor on overall fiscal policy and management procedures.
  • To complete and present the Governor's annual fiscal plan for the state.
  • To ensure that the directives of the Governor and Legislature are fulfilled.
  • To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state government programs, processes, and procedures.
  • To control and provide accurate uniform accounting and payroll personnel information to state offices on a timely basis, meeting all deadlines as prescribed by law.
  • To act as a service bureau to all users of the Central Accounting and Central Payroll operations and provide educational assistance to all state offices on accounting and payroll matters.
  • To apply an efficient and accountable method of revenue and expenditure controls by which the state can record its financial transactions in a systematic way and extract historical data in an orderly fashion.
  • To keep the statewide financial systems able to meet the ever-increasing demands for new and more complete information, and remain responsive to the every day needs of user agencies.