Information on COVID-19 and Other Stimulus Funding

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund

ARPA State Fiscal Recovery Fund Summary (Mar. 11, 2024)
2023 Interim Final Rule
2022 Overview of Final Rule
Overview of Interim Final Rule (Aug 2023)
Obligation IFR Quick Reference Guide
SLFRF 2023 Recovery Plan
Comparison of ARPA Fund Programs: SFRF vs CPF (Feb 17, 2023)
Project and Expenditure Report User Guide (Dec 29, 2022)
Treasury Letter on Reduced Administrative Support (Sep. 23, 2022)
SLFRF Project and Expenditure Report User Guide (Oct, 2022)
IRS Updated FAQ on Taxation of SLFRF Payments (September 28, 2022)
SLFRF 2022 Recovery Plan
Final Rule: Frequently Asked Questions (July 27, 2022)
Recovery Plan Reporting Guide (July, 2022)
Project and Expenditure Report User Guide (July, 2022)
Desk Reference for Use of SLFRF: Complying with Uniform Guidance (May 22, 2022)
WEBINAR: State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds: An Introduction to the Final Rule - YouTube
Project and Expenditure Report User Guide
Final Rule Text
Overview of Final Rule
SLFRF Compliance Statement
2021 Interim Final Rule: SLFRF FAQ (Updated Jan 2022)
NEU Agreements and Supporting Documents User Guide (for NEUs)
ARPA Proposal presented to COVID Liaison Committee on 11/18/2021
IRS FAQ on Taxability of CSLFRF payments (11/16/21)
SLFRF 2021 Recovery Plan
South Dakota CLFRF Information for Non-entitlement Units (NEU)
Status of Payments to States for Distribution to NEUs
Recipient Compiance and Reporting Responsibilities
Treasury Non-entitlement Unit (NEU) FAQs (06/07/21)
State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund - US Treasury Information
SLFRF Guidance for Non-entitlement Units of Local Governments
Allocation for States (05/10/21)
County Allocations (05/10/21)
2020 OVerview of Interim Final Rule (05/10/21)
SLFRF Quick Reference (05/10/21)
SLFRF Fact Sheet (05/10/21)
American Rescue Plan - BFM Summary (03/26/21)
H.R. 1319 - American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 bill text
US Treasury Fact Sheet (03/18/21)
Overview from NCSL (03/09/21)
Estimated State and Local Allocations (US Senate Democrats)

Capital Projects Fund

CPF FAQ (04/28/22)
Fact Sheet 1 (01/25/22)
CPF SAMPLE Grant Plan and Program Plan from Treasury Portal
Compliance and Reporting Guidance (Updated 11/15/21)
Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund (CPF) (Updated 11/10/21)
Treasury Guidance for Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund
Capital Projects Fund Guidance for States, Territories, and Freely Associated States