Township Ineligibility Statement

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The State of South Dakota has determined that townships in South Dakota do not meet the eligibility requirements for ARPA funds. Fiscal recovery funds must be used within the parameters of the four eligible use categories specified in ARPA and implemented in the Interim Final Rule. Formal Guidance from the U.S. Department of the Treasury requires the State to undertake a facts-and-circumstances test to determine whether townships have the legal and operational capacity to accept ARPA funds and whether townships currently provide the broad range of services that would constitute eligible uses under ARPA. Townships in South Dakota do not currently provide the broad range of services that would constitute eligible uses under ARPA and therefore are not eligible to receive ARPA funds. A listing of South Dakota Townships* may be found below.

* Source: US Treasury List of Local Governments

NameCountyStatePop. Est. 2019
Aurora townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota105
Belford townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota94
Bristol townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota37
Center townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota87
Cooper townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota19
Crystal Lake townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota52
Dudley townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota88
Eureka townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota39
Firesteel townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota35
Gales townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota57
Hopper townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota84
Lake townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota49
Palatine townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota65
Patten townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota38
Plankinton townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota212
Pleasant Lake townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota74
Pleasant Valley townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota27
Truro townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota80
Washington townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota47
White Lake townshipAurora CountySouth Dakota91
Allen townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota88
Altoona townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota87
Banner townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota56
Barrett townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota102
Belle Prairie townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota52
Bonilla townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota88
Broadland townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota51
Burr Oak townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota47
Carlyle townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota80
Cavour townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota113
Clifton townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota126
Clyde townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota402
Custer townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota426
Dearborn townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota129
Fairfield townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota96
Foster townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota82
Grant townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota122
Hartland townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota123
Iowa townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota57
Kellogg townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota63
Lake Byron townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota189
Liberty townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota86
Logan townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota117
Milford townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota79
Nance townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota37
Pearl Creek townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota112
Pleasant View townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota59
Richland townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota136
Sand Creek townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota27
Theresa townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota294
Valley townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota280
Vernon townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota65
Wessington townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota44
Whiteside townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota36
Wolsey townshipBeadle CountySouth Dakota97
Afton townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota219
Alton townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota235
Argo townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota132
Aurora townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota299
Bangor townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota148
Brookings townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota443
Elkton townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota96
Eureka townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota167
Lake Hendricks townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota198
Lake Sinai townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota180
Laketon townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota176
Medary townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota1497
Oak Lake townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota104
Oakwood townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota195
Oslo townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota208
Parnell townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota147
Preston townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota184
Richland townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota202
Sherman townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota236
Sterling townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota404
Trenton townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota178
Volga townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota371
Winsor townshipBrookings CountySouth Dakota164
Aberdeen townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota927
Allison townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota20
Bates townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota41
Bath townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota748
Brainard townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota101
Cambria townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota126
Carlisle townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota36
Claremont townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota123
Columbia townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota107
East Hanson townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota125
East Rondell townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota91
Franklyn townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota36
Frederick townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota62
Garden Prairie townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota189
Garland townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota65
Gem townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota217
Greenfield townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota41
Groton townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota120
Hecla townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota52
Henry townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota128
Highland townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota87
Lansing townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota59
Liberty townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota68
Lincoln townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota1317
Mercier townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota181
New Hope townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota96
North Detroit townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota45
Oneota townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota126
Ordway townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota302
Osceola townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota49
Palmyra townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota35
Portage townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota57
Prairiewood townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota267
Putney townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota104
Ravinia townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota378
Richland townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota78
Riverside townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota58
Savo townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota72
Shelby townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota97
South Detroit townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota66
Warner townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota596
West Hanson townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota67
Westport townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota107
West Rondell townshipBrown CountySouth Dakota82
America townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota69
Brule townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota132
Chamberlain townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota206
Cleveland townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota94
Eagle townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota57
Highland townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota192
Kimball townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota53
Lyon townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota49
Ola townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota115
Plainfield townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota38
Pleasant Grove townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota41
Plummer townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota20
Pukwana townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota144
Red Lake townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota74
Richland townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota66
Smith townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota56
Torrey Lake townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota192
Union townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota55
Waldro townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota50
West Point townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota126
Wilbur townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota55
Willow Lake townshipBrule CountySouth Dakota45
Elvira townshipBuffalo CountySouth Dakota37
Union townshipButte CountySouth Dakota32
Vale townshipButte CountySouth Dakota127
Bryan townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota369
Choteau Creek townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota219
Darlington townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota134
Forbes townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota104
Goose Lake townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota148
Hamilton townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota44
Highland townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota392
Howard townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota275
Jackson townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota164
Kennedy townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota71
Lake George townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota34
La Roche townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota202
Lawrence townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota554
Lone Tree townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota173
Moore townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota75
Plain Center townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota128
Platte townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota284
Ree townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota140
Rhoda townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota117
Rouse townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota172
Signal townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota61
Wahehe townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota351
White Swan townshipCharles Mix CountySouth Dakota763
Ash townshipClark CountySouth Dakota34
Blaine townshipClark CountySouth Dakota35
Collins townshipClark CountySouth Dakota137
Cottonwood townshipClark CountySouth Dakota94
Darlington townshipClark CountySouth Dakota54
Day townshipClark CountySouth Dakota91
Eden townshipClark CountySouth Dakota62
Elrod townshipClark CountySouth Dakota97
Fordham townshipClark CountySouth Dakota114
Foxton townshipClark CountySouth Dakota54
Garfield townshipClark CountySouth Dakota65
Hague townshipClark CountySouth Dakota39
Lake townshipClark CountySouth Dakota86
Lincoln townshipClark CountySouth Dakota100
Logan townshipClark CountySouth Dakota46
Maydell townshipClark CountySouth Dakota54
Merton townshipClark CountySouth Dakota55
Mount Pleasant townshipClark CountySouth Dakota274
Pleasant townshipClark CountySouth Dakota171
Raymond townshipClark CountySouth Dakota68
Richland townshipClark CountySouth Dakota69
Rosedale townshipClark CountySouth Dakota76
Spring Valley townshipClark CountySouth Dakota44
Thorp townshipClark CountySouth Dakota50
Warren townshipClark CountySouth Dakota41
Washington townshipClark CountySouth Dakota71
Woodland townshipClark CountySouth Dakota68
Bethel townshipClay CountySouth Dakota168
Fairview townshipClay CountySouth Dakota499
Garfield townshipClay CountySouth Dakota198
Glenwood townshipClay CountySouth Dakota198
Meckling townshipClay CountySouth Dakota228
Norway townshipClay CountySouth Dakota156
Pleasant Valley townshipClay CountySouth Dakota159
Prairie Center townshipClay CountySouth Dakota180
Riverside townshipClay CountySouth Dakota133
Spirit Mound townshipClay CountySouth Dakota215
Star townshipClay CountySouth Dakota128
Vermillion townshipClay CountySouth Dakota412
Dexter townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota200
Eden townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota100
Elmira townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota406
Fuller townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota292
Germantown townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota170
Graceland townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota108
Henry townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota99
Kampeska townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota332
Kranzburg townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota361
Lake townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota659
Leola townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota76
Pelican townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota741
Phipps townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota78
Rauville townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota290
Richland townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota158
Sheridan townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota468
Waverly townshipCodington CountySouth Dakota196
Custer townshipCorson CountySouth Dakota33
Pleasant Ridge townshipCorson CountySouth Dakota32
Prairie View townshipCorson CountySouth Dakota17
Ridgeland townshipCorson CountySouth Dakota47
Rolling Green townshipCorson CountySouth Dakota30
Wakpala townshipCorson CountySouth Dakota315
Watauga townshipCorson CountySouth Dakota29
Badger townshipDavison CountySouth Dakota166
Baker townshipDavison CountySouth Dakota100
Beulah townshipDavison CountySouth Dakota367
Blendon townshipDavison CountySouth Dakota91
Lisbon townshipDavison CountySouth Dakota135
Mount Vernon townshipDavison CountySouth Dakota183
Perry townshipDavison CountySouth Dakota267
Prosper townshipDavison CountySouth Dakota638
Rome townshipDavison CountySouth Dakota228
Tobin townshipDavison CountySouth Dakota122
Union townshipDavison CountySouth Dakota81
Andover townshipDay CountySouth Dakota106
Bristol townshipDay CountySouth Dakota56
Butler townshipDay CountySouth Dakota49
Central Point townshipDay CountySouth Dakota85
Egeland townshipDay CountySouth Dakota89
Farmington townshipDay CountySouth Dakota33
Grenville townshipDay CountySouth Dakota85
Highland townshipDay CountySouth Dakota58
Homer townshipDay CountySouth Dakota38
Independence townshipDay CountySouth Dakota73
Kidder townshipDay CountySouth Dakota78
Kosciusko townshipDay CountySouth Dakota165
Liberty townshipDay CountySouth Dakota46
Lynn townshipDay CountySouth Dakota40
Morton townshipDay CountySouth Dakota69
Nutley townshipDay CountySouth Dakota69
Oak Gulch townshipDay CountySouth Dakota23
Racine townshipDay CountySouth Dakota73
Raritan townshipDay CountySouth Dakota74
Rusk townshipDay CountySouth Dakota113
Scotland townshipDay CountySouth Dakota33
Troy townshipDay CountySouth Dakota37
Union townshipDay CountySouth Dakota48
Valley townshipDay CountySouth Dakota38
Waubay townshipDay CountySouth Dakota459
Webster townshipDay CountySouth Dakota257
Wheatland townshipDay CountySouth Dakota60
York townshipDay CountySouth Dakota34
Altamont townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota84
Antelope Valley townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota25
Blom townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota102
Brandt townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota126
Clear Lake townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota239
Glenwood townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota104
Goodwin townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota158
Grange townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota129
Havana townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota194
Herrick townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota148
Hidewood townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota92
Lowe townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota98
Norden townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota357
Portland townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota79
Rome townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota85
Scandinavia townshipDeuel CountySouth Dakota207
Belmont townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota67
Chester townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota61
Clark townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota114
East Choteau townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota119
Garfield townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota68
Grandview townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota76
Holland townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota156
Independence townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota116
Iowa townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota108
Joubert townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota125
Lincoln townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota83
Valley townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota123
Walnut Grove townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota114
Washington townshipDouglas CountySouth Dakota130
Adrian townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota12
Belle townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota144
Bowdle townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota64
Bryant townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota18
Clear Lake townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota31
Cleveland townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota16
Cloyd Valley townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota11
Cortlandt townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota606
Cottonwood Lake townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota40
Fountain townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota69
Glen townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota46
Glover townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota49
Harmony townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota158
Hillside townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota31
Hosmer townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota18
Hudson townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota42
Huntley townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota43
Ipswich townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota55
Kent townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota28
Liberty townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota24
Madison townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota18
Modena townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota18
Montpelier townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota42
North Bryant townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota47
Odessa townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota22
Pembrook townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota34
Powell townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota39
Richland townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota43
Rosette townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota104
Sangamon townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota62
Union townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota27
Vermont townshipEdmunds CountySouth Dakota34
Argentine townshipFall River CountySouth Dakota24
Provo townshipFall River CountySouth Dakota32
Arcade townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota36
Bryant townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota18
Centerville townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota34
Clark townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota26
Devoe townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota24
Ellisville townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota35
Emerson townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota34
Enterprise townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota139
Fairview townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota47
Freedom townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota143
Hillsdale townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota36
Irving townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota10
Lafoon townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota42
Myron townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota124
O'Neil townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota11
Orient townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota47
Pioneer townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota25
Saratoga townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota150
Sherman townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota35
Tamworth townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota80
Union townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota57
Wesley townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota37
Zell townshipFaulk CountySouth Dakota63
Adams townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota150
Alban townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota575
Big Stone townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota310
Blooming Valley townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota129
Farmington townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota74
Georgia townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota85
Grant Center townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota372
Kilborn townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota142
Lura townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota45
Madison townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota121
Mazeppa townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota111
Melrose townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota378
Osceola townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota96
Stockholm townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota86
Troy townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota59
Twin Brooks townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota80
Vernon townshipGrant CountySouth Dakota216
Dixon townshipGregory CountySouth Dakota86
Edens townshipGregory CountySouth Dakota78
Fairfax townshipGregory CountySouth Dakota61
Jones townshipGregory CountySouth Dakota64
Landing Creek townshipGregory CountySouth Dakota18
Pleasant Valley townshipGregory CountySouth Dakota144
Schriever townshipGregory CountySouth Dakota40
Star Valley townshipGregory CountySouth Dakota67
Brantford townshipHamlin CountySouth Dakota131
Castlewood townshipHamlin CountySouth Dakota244
Cleveland townshipHamlin CountySouth Dakota268
Dempster townshipHamlin CountySouth Dakota271
Dixon townshipHamlin CountySouth Dakota115
Estelline townshipHamlin CountySouth Dakota345
Florence townshipHamlin CountySouth Dakota157
Garfield townshipHamlin CountySouth Dakota138
Hamlin townshipHamlin CountySouth Dakota252
Hayti townshipHamlin CountySouth Dakota298
Norden townshipHamlin CountySouth Dakota547
Opdahl townshipHamlin CountySouth Dakota211
Oxford townshipHamlin CountySouth Dakota355
Alden townshipHand CountySouth Dakota18
Alpha townshipHand CountySouth Dakota49
Bates townshipHand CountySouth Dakota41
Burdette townshipHand CountySouth Dakota51
Campbell townshipHand CountySouth Dakota16
Carlton townshipHand CountySouth Dakota19
Cedar townshipHand CountySouth Dakota26
Como townshipHand CountySouth Dakota40
Florence townshipHand CountySouth Dakota16
Gilbert townshipHand CountySouth Dakota31
Glendale townshipHand CountySouth Dakota9
Grand townshipHand CountySouth Dakota49
Greenleaf townshipHand CountySouth Dakota32
Hiland townshipHand CountySouth Dakota33
Holden townshipHand CountySouth Dakota38
Hulbert townshipHand CountySouth Dakota49
Linn townshipHand CountySouth Dakota33
Logan townshipHand CountySouth Dakota24
Midland townshipHand CountySouth Dakota35
Miller townshipHand CountySouth Dakota164
Mondamin townshipHand CountySouth Dakota13
Ohio townshipHand CountySouth Dakota105
Ontario townshipHand CountySouth Dakota30
Park townshipHand CountySouth Dakota29
Pearl townshipHand CountySouth Dakota28
Plato townshipHand CountySouth Dakota47
Pleasant Valley townshipHand CountySouth Dakota22
Riverside townshipHand CountySouth Dakota23
Rockdale townshipHand CountySouth Dakota139
Rose Hill townshipHand CountySouth Dakota32
St. Lawrence townshipHand CountySouth Dakota57
Spring Hill townshipHand CountySouth Dakota34
Spring Lake townshipHand CountySouth Dakota22
Wheaton townshipHand CountySouth Dakota26
York townshipHand CountySouth Dakota19
Beulah townshipHanson CountySouth Dakota298
Edgerton townshipHanson CountySouth Dakota115
Fairview townshipHanson CountySouth Dakota170
Hanson townshipHanson CountySouth Dakota285
Jasper townshipHanson CountySouth Dakota165
Plano townshipHanson CountySouth Dakota107
Pleasant townshipHanson CountySouth Dakota140
Rosedale townshipHanson CountySouth Dakota402
Spring Lake townshipHanson CountySouth Dakota129
Taylor townshipHanson CountySouth Dakota95
Wayne townshipHanson CountySouth Dakota226
Worthen townshipHanson CountySouth Dakota120
Raber townshipHughes CountySouth Dakota31
Capital townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota82
Clayton townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota90
Cross Plains townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota122
Fair townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota81
Foster townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota251
German townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota95
Grandview townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota123
Kassel townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota117
Kaylor townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota173
Kulm townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota78
Liberty townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota153
Milltown townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota117
Molan townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota138
Oak Hollow townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota42
Pleasant townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota47
Sharon townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota79
Silver Lake townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota117
Starr townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota128
Susquehanna townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota182
Sweet townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota289
Valley townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota178
Wittenberg townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota220
Wolf Creek townshipHutchinson CountySouth Dakota199
Valley townshipHyde CountySouth Dakota12
William Hamilton townshipHyde CountySouth Dakota6
Grandview II townshipJackson CountySouth Dakota6
Interior townshipJackson CountySouth Dakota53
Jewett townshipJackson CountySouth Dakota15
Wall townshipJackson CountySouth Dakota41
Weta townshipJackson CountySouth Dakota6
Alpena townshipJerauld CountySouth Dakota67
Anina townshipJerauld CountySouth Dakota20
Blaine townshipJerauld CountySouth Dakota68
Chery townshipJerauld CountySouth Dakota47
Crow townshipJerauld CountySouth Dakota150
Crow Lake townshipJerauld CountySouth Dakota54
Franklin townshipJerauld CountySouth Dakota51
Harmony townshipJerauld CountySouth Dakota21
Logan townshipJerauld CountySouth Dakota20
Marlar townshipJerauld CountySouth Dakota13
Pleasant townshipJerauld CountySouth Dakota59
Viola townshipJerauld CountySouth Dakota36
Wessington Springs townshipJerauld CountySouth Dakota65
Buffalo townshipJones CountySouth Dakota34
Draper townshipJones CountySouth Dakota30
Dunkel townshipJones CountySouth Dakota13
Kolls townshipJones CountySouth Dakota13
Mullen townshipJones CountySouth Dakota8
Mussman townshipJones CountySouth Dakota8
Okaton townshipJones CountySouth Dakota43
Scovil townshipJones CountySouth Dakota18
South Creek townshipJones CountySouth Dakota15
Virgil townshipJones CountySouth Dakota6
Williams Creek townshipJones CountySouth Dakota39
Zickrick townshipJones CountySouth Dakota13
Badger townshipKingsbury CountySouth Dakota196
Baker townshipKingsbury CountySouth Dakota215
Denver townshipKingsbury CountySouth Dakota193
De Smet townshipKingsbury CountySouth Dakota305
Esmond townshipKingsbury CountySouth Dakota58
Hartland townshipKingsbury CountySouth Dakota129
Iroquois townshipKingsbury CountySouth Dakota70
Le Sueur townshipKingsbury CountySouth Dakota109
Manchester townshipKingsbury CountySouth Dakota64
Mathews townshipKingsbury CountySouth Dakota116
Spirit Lake townshipKingsbury CountySouth Dakota127
Spring Lake townshipKingsbury CountySouth Dakota287
Whitewood townshipKingsbury CountySouth Dakota93
Badus townshipLake CountySouth Dakota130
Chester townshipLake CountySouth Dakota784
Clarno townshipLake CountySouth Dakota189
Concord townshipLake CountySouth Dakota133
Farmington townshipLake CountySouth Dakota201
Franklin townshipLake CountySouth Dakota345
Herman townshipLake CountySouth Dakota739
Lake View townshipLake CountySouth Dakota850
Le Roy townshipLake CountySouth Dakota246
Nunda townshipLake CountySouth Dakota133
Orland townshipLake CountySouth Dakota109
Rutland townshipLake CountySouth Dakota216
Summit townshipLake CountySouth Dakota194
Wayne townshipLake CountySouth Dakota105
Wentworth townshipLake CountySouth Dakota473
Winfred townshipLake CountySouth Dakota169
St. Onge townshipLawrence CountySouth Dakota361
Brooklyn townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota290
Canton townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota609
Dayton townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota874
Delapre townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota2204
Delaware townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota239
Eden townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota230
Fairview townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota240
Grant townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota449
Highland townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota398
La Valley townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota675
Lincoln townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota228
Lynn townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota369
Norway townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota296
Perry townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota1055
Pleasant townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota382
Springdale townshipLincoln CountySouth Dakota2574
Bailey townshipLyman CountySouth Dakota14
Iona townshipLyman CountySouth Dakota81
Oacoma townshipLyman CountySouth Dakota71
Pratt townshipLyman CountySouth Dakota16
Rex townshipLyman CountySouth Dakota29
Vivian townshipLyman CountySouth Dakota145
Benton townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota111
Bridgewater townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota132
Brookfield townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota136
Canistota townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota169
Emery townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota93
Grant townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota138
Greenland townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota265
Jefferson townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota96
Montrose townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota208
Pearl townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota41
Ramsey townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota241
Richland townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota161
Salem townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota209
Spring Valley townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota327
Sun Prairie townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota155
Union townshipMcCook CountySouth Dakota132
Carl townshipMcPherson CountySouth Dakota34
Hoffman townshipMcPherson CountySouth Dakota24
Wachter townshipMcPherson CountySouth Dakota30
Wacker townshipMcPherson CountySouth Dakota14
Weber townshipMcPherson CountySouth Dakota155
Buffalo townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota128
Dayton townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota21
Dumarce townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota48
Eden townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota95
Fort townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota41
Hamilton townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota30
Hickman townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota49
La Belle townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota78
Lake townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota191
Lowell townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota55
McKinley townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota53
Miller townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota242
Newark townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota112
Newport townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota76
Nordland townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota21
Pleasant Valley townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota183
Red Iron Lake townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota222
Sisseton townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota72
Stena townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota198
Veblen townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota216
Victor townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota40
Waverly townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota63
Weston townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota241
White townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota132
Wismer townshipMarshall CountySouth Dakota40
Dakota townshipMeade CountySouth Dakota32
Eagle townshipMeade CountySouth Dakota18
Elm Springs townshipMeade CountySouth Dakota28
Howard townshipMeade CountySouth Dakota13
Lakeside townshipMeade CountySouth Dakota57
Smithville townshipMeade CountySouth Dakota10
Union townshipMeade CountySouth Dakota18
Upper Red Owl townshipMeade CountySouth Dakota23
Bad Nation townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota31
Blackpipe townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota59
Butte townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota2
Cody townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota32
Fairview townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota23
Mosher townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota24
New Surprise Valley townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota6
Norris townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota194
Prospect townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota5
Red Fish townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota16
Ring Thunder townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota13
Riverside townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota18
Rocky Ford townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota6
Rosebud townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota35
Running Bird townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota23
Surprise Valley townshipMellette CountySouth Dakota25
Adams townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota115
Beaver townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota37
Belleview townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota66
Canova townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota77
Carthage townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota37
Clearwater townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota156
Clinton townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota79
Grafton townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota68
Green Valley townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota49
Henden townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota107
Howard townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota138
Miner townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota34
Redstone townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota18
Rock Creek townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota73
Roswell townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota69
Vermillion townshipMiner CountySouth Dakota87
Benton townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota752
Brandon townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota766
Buffalo townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota212
Burk townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota380
Clear Lake townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota190
Dell Rapids townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota549
Edison townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota510
Grand Meadow townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota297
Hartford townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota698
Highland townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota192
Humboldt townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota338
Logan townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota272
Lyons townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota617
Mapleton townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota2224
Palisade townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota357
Red Rock townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota365
Split Rock townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota3158
Sverdrup townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota818
Taopi townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota329
Valley Springs townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota366
Wall Lake townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota1162
Wayne townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota1145
Wellington townshipMinnehaha CountySouth Dakota277
Alliance townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota96
Blinsmon townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota218
Clare townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota161
Colman townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota214
Egan townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota207
Enterprise townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota276
Flandreau townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota389
Fremont townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota285
Grovena townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota179
Jefferson townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota169
Lone Rock townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota102
Lynn townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota307
Riverview townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota138
Spring Creek townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota132
Union townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota186
Ward townshipMoody CountySouth Dakota67
Ash townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota22
Castle Butte townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota31
Cedar Butte townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota47
Conata townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota7
Crooked Creek townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota33
Fairview townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota56
Flat Butte townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota12
Huron townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota35
Imlay townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota7
Lake Creek townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota46
Lake Flat townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota38
Lake Hill townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota56
Owanka townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota30
Peno townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota23
Quinn townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota12
Rainy Creek/Cheyenne townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota29
Scenic townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota63
Shyne townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota21
Sunnyside townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota19
Wasta townshipPennington CountySouth Dakota22
Ada townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota14
Antelope townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota34
Barrett townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota12
Beck-Highland townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota12
Bison townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota23
Burdick townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota22
Cash townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota13
Chance townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota38
Chaudoin townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota17
Clark townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota10
De Witt townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota40
Duell townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota14
Englewood townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota19
Flat Creek townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota14
Foster townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota29
Fredlund townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota22
Glendo townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota13
Grand River townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota16
Hall townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota17
Horse Creek townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota38
Liberty townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota12
Lincoln townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota155
Lodgepole townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota33
Lone Tree townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota18
Maltby townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota12
Marshfield townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota29
Martin townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota2
Meadow townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota46
Moreau townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota28
Plateau townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota11
Rainbow townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota40
Rockford townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota20
Scotch Cap townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota30
Sidney townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota9
Strool townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota50
Trail townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota19
Vail townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota10
Vrooman townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota8
Wells townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota10
White Butte townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota18
Wilson townshipPerkins CountySouth Dakota23
Agency townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota346
Alto townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota68
Becker townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota115
Bossko townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota46
Bryant townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota334
Dry Wood Lake townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota135
Easter townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota161
Enterprise townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota106
Garfield townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota145
Geneseo townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota288
Goodwill townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota882
Grant townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota211
Harmon townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota158
Hart townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota100
Lake townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota261
Lawrence townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota279
Lee townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota64
Lien townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota129
Lockwood townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota321
Long Hollow townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota335
Minnesota townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota126
Norway townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota117
One Road townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota66
Ortley townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota78
Sisseton townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota509
Springdale townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota118
Spring Grove townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota129
Summit townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota45
Victor townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota189
White Rock townshipRoberts CountySouth Dakota255
Afton townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota44
Benedict townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota29
Butler townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota245
Diana townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota52
Elliott townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota99
Floyd townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota57
Jackson townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota77
Letcher townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota119
Logan townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota133
Oneida townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota26
Ravenna townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota53
Silver Creek townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota90
Twin Lake townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota88
Union townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota63
Warren townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota61
Woonsocket townshipSanborn CountySouth Dakota147
Antelope townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota59
Athol townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota66
Belle Plaine townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota82
Belmont townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota66
Benton townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota28
Beotia townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota31
Buffalo townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota57
Capitola townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota142
Clifton townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota44
Conde townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota27
Cornwall townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota47
Crandon townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota74
Exline townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota55
Frankfort townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota39
Garfield townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota55
Great Bend townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota44
Groveland townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota42
Harmony townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota62
Harrison townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota39
Jefferson townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota62
Lake townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota105
La Prairie townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota40
Lincoln townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota241
Lodi townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota81
Mellette townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota131
Northville townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota194
Olean townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota31
Prairie Center townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota81
Redfield townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota433
Richfield townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota26
Spring townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota32
Sumner townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota11
Tetonka townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota59
Three Rivers townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota92
Tulare townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota50
Turton townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota26
Union townshipSpink CountySouth Dakota52
Banner townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota16
Beaver Creek townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota17
Black townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota126
Brunson townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota46
Bull Creek townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota30
Carter townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota40
Colome townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota73
Condon townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota35
Curlew townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota44
Dog Ear townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota47
Elliston townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota22
Greenwood townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota7
Holsclaw townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota16
Huggins townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota21
Ideal townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota122
Irwin townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota24
Jordan townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota46
Keyapaha townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota22
King townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota25
Lake townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota49
Lamro townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota405
Lincoln townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota28
Lone Star townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota27
Lone Tree townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota13
McNeely townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota49
Millboro townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota33
Plainview townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota56
Pleasant Valley townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota31
Pleasant View townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota113
Rames townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota38
Rosedale townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota36
Roseland townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota36
Star Prairie townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota35
Star Valley townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota28
Stewart townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota104
Sully townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota22
Taylor townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota14
Valley townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota48
Weaver townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota37
Willow Creek townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota58
Wilson townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota104
Witten townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota20
Wortman townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota28
Wright townshipTripp CountySouth Dakota12
Brothersfield townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota168
Centerville townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota161
Childstown townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota240
Daneville townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota214
Dolton townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota132
Germantown townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota363
Home townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota330
Hurley townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota178
Marion townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota192
Middleton townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota243
Monroe townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota185
Norway townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota188
Parker townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota241
Rosefield townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota186
Salem townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota152
Spring Valley townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota203
Swan Lake townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota213
Turner townshipTurner CountySouth Dakota181
Alcester townshipUnion CountySouth Dakota325
Big Sioux townshipUnion CountySouth Dakota3917
Big Springs townshipUnion CountySouth Dakota328
Brule townshipUnion CountySouth Dakota289
Civil Bend townshipUnion CountySouth Dakota356
Elk Point townshipUnion CountySouth Dakota315
Emmet townshipUnion CountySouth Dakota255
Jefferson townshipUnion CountySouth Dakota1126
Prairie townshipUnion CountySouth Dakota286
Sioux Valley townshipUnion CountySouth Dakota289
Spink townshipUnion CountySouth Dakota260
Virginia townshipUnion CountySouth Dakota285
Gayville townshipYankton CountySouth Dakota200
Jamesville townshipYankton CountySouth Dakota234
Marindahl townshipYankton CountySouth Dakota187
Mayfield townshipYankton CountySouth Dakota209
Mission Hill townshipYankton CountySouth Dakota393
Turkey Valley townshipYankton CountySouth Dakota181
Utica townshipYankton CountySouth Dakota863
Volin townshipYankton CountySouth Dakota239
Walshtown townshipYankton CountySouth Dakota159