Budget Publications

Governor's Budget Report for FY2022
      Total Recommended Budget Page
      Employee Compensation
      Summary of Recommended Budget Adjustments
      Slides from the Budget Address
      Supplemental Slides from BFM
Summary Book
Appropriated Budget in Brief

Other Documents

FY2021 One-Time Spending Summary
Senate Bill 64 Summary (As Amended)
Provider Inflation Percentages (Final)
Provider Inflation to Reach 100% Methodology
Requested Provider Inflation
Proposal for One-Time Redistribution of State Aid to General Education
Presentation to GCEA on Revenues and Economic Performance
Targeted Provider Rates (with Funding Source)
Inflation Cost at 2.4%
Bonding Presentation - SD Health and Education Authority
Bonding Presentation - SD Building Authority
BFM Revised Revenue Projections (02/10/21)

Budget Topic Briefs

Safety Enhancements to State Air Fleet
Targeted Community-Based Provider Inflation
State Employee Health Plan
Access Critical Nursing Facilities
Regional Crisis Diversion Centers
Ellsworth Air Force Base Liberty Center
State Aid Funding for Impacted Student Enrollment
Education System Updates
Custer State Park Bison Center
Rural Recruitment Assistance Programs
History and Civics Curriculum
Marijuana: Amendment A and IM 26
Paying Off 2010 Debt
Broadband Investment
State Fair Livestock Complex
State Radio Enhancements
Technical College Equipment Funding
Meat Processing Grants
State-Owned Dam Maintenance and Repair